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5 Lesser-Known Metrics to Track in Google Analytics

coaches consultants google ads online marketing successful marketing successful matketing May 27, 2022

Data has been called “the new gold” by many digital marketing experts. Why? Because the right data is often the difference between thriving businesses and struggling ventures.

Luckily, when it comes to your website it’s never been easier to access the information you need. Google Analytics provides a wealth of data on your website, and the best part is it's completely free.

We’re going to assume you’re currently using Google Analytics (if not check out this article to learn how to set it up). You’re probably already monitoring the most popular metrics, including:

  • Pageviews
  • Time on site
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversions

However, there is so much more data available that can tell you a lot about both your website and your audience.

Here are the top five lesser-known metrics you should be tracking with Google Analytics.

The ratio of new to returning visitors

How to view: Audience > Behavior > New vs Returning

Your website has two jobs: attract new users and encourage existing users to come back. This metric lets you know how well you’re doing on both fronts.

A good ratio to maintain is 30% returning visitors and 70% new. This means you’re retaining plenty of users while also introducing a steady stream of new people to your brand.

Organic vs paid sessions

How to view: Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels

Another ratio you want to keep your eye on is your organic vs. paid traffic.

Early on, your paid traffic will likely be higher than your organic (non-paid search) traffic as you wait for your SEO strategies to take hold. But over time, you should see your organic traffic increase.

Ideally, your organic traffic should eventually become you’re number one traffic source, allowing you to no longer depend on paid traffic for leads and sales.

Site search queries

How to view: Behavior > Site Search > Overview

Does your website include a search function? Then you’re in luck because Google Analytics tracks all the searches users perform on your site. This provides you with important insights into what your audience is curious about.

Use this data to determine what content you should create more of and what information your website is missing.

Exit pages

How to view: Behavior > Site Content > Exit Pages

Exit pages are the last pages users visit before leaving your website. If you see a particular page that has an abnormally high exit rate there may be an issue there might be a roadblock visitors are encountering.

Make sure to regularly review any pages with a high exit rate to see if they can be optimized to improve conversions.

Site speed

How to view: Behavior > Site Speed

Site speed is critical for both your conversion rate and SEO. Google Analytics offers plenty of data around page load times so you can track how your site is performing.

See what your average page load time is, how fast your site loads on different browsers, and which pages load the fastest or slowest. For reference, Google recommends that your page load time is under two seconds.

Ready to dive into your data? Head over to Google Analytics to learn how your website is performing!


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