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knowledge Apr 12, 2021
If the same email is sent to a large number of people, for example after an opt-in, there is 100 % for sure that the email will not be relevant for everybody, even if the email its content and maybe offer is good.

Many struggles and suffer from low email open rates, and there is an obvious reason why it is so.

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It is a vicious cycle that leads to this, and we have to go into what happens when a person gets an irrelevant email several times.

Then, people start to:
– not open the email
– they do not consume the content (scroll and read)
– Click on links in the email

This behaviour is what the email service providers (those who deliver the email to the recipients inboxes) "see" and then there is a huge risk that the email goes to the spam or promo folder (if they before have been delivered to the real inbox.

The solution is not writing better copy, (even if that can help a bit) the solution is this:

Go from sending the same email to a large group (the entire list)
to start segmenting the list where people with similarities are clustered into different groups.

Let us dive into one example:

Everyone who opted in to join a weight-loss challenge has different motivations, needs, and struggles as to WHY they want to lose weight because they are:
✔ facing different stages in their life
✔ needing to lose a different amount of kilos/pounds over a different amount of time
✔ confronting their highly personal story about weight-loss
✔ telling themselves different stories (often negative) about how being overweight affects their life

Now, because they all have different motivations, needs, and struggles, and as humans, we like to be seen, heard, and understood, that should be meet with relevant emails, not the same to all.

Imagine what happens when those 1400 that opted into this weight-loss challenge get the same email.

They will not find trust, so there will be hard for the person who wants to sell a course, to convince them to buy the course, even it might be perfect for them.

I hear often people say this:

– I have to write a better email copy
– I have to share more value to build trust and a relationship
– I have to be more present in my Facebook group

All of this is fine, but for some reason, people who do this, are still struggling to sell when they send emails. So, it does not necessarily help......

Now, so what is the solution, you might ask?

It is very simple:

When more data than email and name are collected in two phases:

1: pre-segmentations when they opt-in
2: assessments and tags later

Then each group/cluster/segment of people can be meet with relevancy.

See this list about which type of questions are important to ask in order to segment better:

In general, this is the trick:
Extra data that makes you discover what drives decision-making and searching for solutions that are behaviorally based.
Behaviour indicates when, where, and how a customer is ready to continue on the journey in the sense that behaviour can predict when they feel safe to trust and invest.
Behaviour is driven by a mixture of emotions, needs, and feelings and can be grouped in the following way:
Intrinsic needs: needs that lie below the surface that has yet to be developed into a clear, very obvious need

Extrinsic needs: needs that are pretty obvious and the customer is well aware of what those needs are (and note at times wants and needs are confused at times!)

Intrinsic reward structures: how they motivate themselves internally and reward themselves internally
Extrinsic reward structures: being motivated by the external and needing an external reward (for example a bonus at work if you meet your goals)
Situational behaviours: what they do in certain situations which causes them to make trade-offs; for example, buy all organic yet if there is a change in salary, then buy only organic dairy

Mindset and limiting beliefs: how their mindset is/is not a gatekeeper of personal resources, what boundaries they have in place to protect/spend these resources (as well as how, when, and where), which then predicts how they find relief from discomfort in the way they relate and engage with others and which resources they dispense when engaging to get relief; some are driven by fear, others are driven with fear in check, some oscillate between the two depending on the situation

Limiting beliefs: the mindset can create limiting beliefs based on fear and reinforces the fear with relating and engaging behaviors which are directly linked to spending or securing more personal resources (time, energy, and money) to calm the anxiety provoked by a fear

Solution seeking behaviors: where they go to get information, who do they speak to, and how they consume it when searching for a solution/product

Trust behaviors: how they communicate to which degree they trust to invest their resources; trust can be anything from taking free content and to following onwards and move towards purchasing (whether it is something small, big, or in between)

Can I segment my existing email list?

How many do I need on my list to start segmenting?

Yes, and yes. You can do both, and even with a small email list, wonder can happen when the list is segmented.

You do not need a huge email list in order to get results, you need to segment better, so you can be relevant and get:

– Higher open rates
– Better conversion rates

And you can save time, energy, and money with better segmentation – to be more relevant to your smaller groups in your entire list.

When you do this, many more will start to reciprocate by investing in your product and services.

There IS a better way than sending the same email to all.

Actually, sending the same email to all is counterintuitive for any online business.

Happy segmenting! 🙂
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