Kagiso's great experience with BNC Academy

Jul 24, 2020

Kagiso Mphahlele is a Life Purpose Coach who recently enrolled in  BNC Academy courses. The young coach has been learning limitlessly every day. The BNC Academy has helped him brand positively online and learnt the greatest ways to network and be consistent in his coaching business. Kagiso has always had the drive to liberate his niche but did not know how to move from that.

"I will recommend the BNC to anyone as it's one platform where 99% of your mistakes were made for you and you will not only move in progress but also in direction of prosperity".

For more, please join us in the academy for you to learn it all. We will be sharing more about Business, Entrepreneurship training, Sales, marketing, branding and so many more plus, if you sign up today, you will also receive a one on one coaching with Mr. M Dongo.


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