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MR. M DONGO is the founder of a global company BNC INTERNATIONAL that helps entrepreneurs to start, restructure and scale their businesses online to 6 and 7-figures and beyond. As of 2023, he has coached clients in just over 34 countries and has produced hundreds of 6-figure entrepreneurs online sharing what they know.

During this session, he will give you the exact strategies and tips that helped him grow his business and clients' businesses grow to become global businesses online.

34 Countries

Countries where we are having active clients that we coach and train every month

380+ Clients

Our active clients that are killing it globally

1000+ Coached

People like you who got free coaching and got amazing results.


Miracle TMP Chawane is a Confidence Coach, founder of TMP Enterprise and an actual BNC CLIENT

Carol Cook is an amazing trainer and facilitator of the Human Potential Development company.

Munya Gumbo-Mberi is an Accountant and a Tax Practitioner. She founded her company Ngoho.

Gema Del Toro is one our actual Client in Mexico.

Tarie is our client in Johannesburg.

Shelley Mentor a global business and brand builder

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